Dear Big Mountain Property Owner,


Communication amongst us is imperative in the case of an emergency or a mountain wide evacuation.  With recent events like the forest fires in California and wildlife sightings in our neighborhoods, a small task force of representatives from various homeowner associations on Big Mountain (HOA’s) along with Big Mountain Fire and Rescue recently met to discuss finding an effective, user friendly, cost efficient way to communicate across our HOA’s.  Currently the resort has 8 HOA’s and several subset HOA’s comprising of 741 property owners.  Whitefish Mountain Resort as well as Grizzly Security is also participating in this venture.  We also need to collaborate as a WHOLE community on Big Mountain as the potential annexation by the City of Whitefish looms in the future.

The website and registration for email sign up is


We feel this will be a very valuable service to all of us who have property on Big Mountain.


Stay in the Loop!  We are planning a community event in the near future!!


If you want more information, please feel free to contact your HOA as each HOA has a representative involved in this venture.




Your neighbors in the Big Mountain Community



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